A memo for installing Wodi32 on Vista

I got a trouble to install wodi32 on my Vista box.

bsdtar hang saying:

5 [sig] bsdtar 2428 get_proc_lock: Couldn't acquire sync_proc_subproc for(5,1), last 7, Win32 error 0

The real trouble is, this bsdtar process is a real badass. You cannot kill -9 it. You cannot kill it with the task manager. You cannot reboot your computer since it sits there dead. Only you can do is to force the power down.

I have no idea this is Vista specific issue or a new bug of Cygwin. A workaround is to change wodi's install.sh to use /usr/bin/tar instead of bsdtar bundled in wodi.

Oh btw, I had the same issue with ocamlyacc. I do not remmeber which OCaml distro I used: maybe OCaml on Windows, or Wodi... I do not know.

Maybe it is just the time to buy a new desktop without Vista....

Oh, it seems to be pretty new or rare. Here are what I found on the net:

There are bunch of other get_proc_lock reported but none except the above complains processes go into a zombie.