OCamlSpotter 1.1rc2

I have updated OCamlSpotter, a compiler enhancement for source code browsing, to version 1.1rc2, which is aimed for OCaml 3.11.2 and some enhancements since its first release.

OCamlSpotter is a tool which finds definition places of various names (identifiers, type names, modules, etc) in OCaml programs automatically for you. The original OCaml's -annot option provides the same sort of functionality but OCamlSpotter provides much more powerful browsing: it can find definitions hidden in deep nested module aliases and functor applications.

  • The -annot option of ocamlc and ocamlopt is extended and creates .spot files (.spit for .mli), which record the location information of the names defined and used in the module.
  • A small application ocamlspot provides automatic where-about spotting of the definition of the name you are interested in, using .spot files created by the patched compilers.
  • ocamlspot.el provides interactive ocaml-spotting of definition locations in emacs.
  • Interfaces for other editors such as vi could be built easily, if you want.

This release of OCamlSpotter is quite near to 1.1, but still in a RC state. It will become the real 1.1 after 1 or 2 weeks with minimum bug fixes.

Further information and download is available at:


Happy hacking.